Changes are needed; I can lead the fight

Politics has been imbedded in me from a child. Growing up with my grandmother I was exposed to listening to political debates and helping with political gatherings. Upon arriving to this country I was very curious about the American political system and how it worked. I was introduced to Mr. Royal Bolling Sr. and was encouraged to participate in his campaign. Political campaigns for me then became an almost annual sideline because of my appetite to learn more about American politics and my desire to support and build my Democratic party.  Thereafter, I found myself working on numerous campaigns, and in 2006 I managed William Celester’s campaign in the 6th Suffolk District.

I gained confidence after graduating from UMass-Boston with a BA in Political Science. I became community oriented. I encouraged and assisted immigrants to become citizens so that they can partake in the political system and vote. I also worked with neighborhood activists in bridging the gap between the police and the community to create trust in an attempt to fight crime.

It was during President Obama’s primary campaign that I saw the need for change in our local leadership within the 6th Suffolk District. The lack of leadership and involvement in the presidential primary election, coupled with the deathly silence from our leadership in the State House on important issues that confronted us drove me to run that fall for the state representative seat in the 6th Suffolk District. I was unsuccessful in this endeavor.

Realizing that things have not changed much, I continue to feel that sense of urgency to provide strong leadership to move this district forward in a progressive, productive, and safe manner and I have decided to run for this seat once more.

As your representative among other things, I will fight for:

Jobs: (1) By working with state and local agencies to create partnerships with our colleges, universities, and large companies to permit mentorship, internship, and other programs to give the residents of my district the training they will need to compete for jobs; (2) I will expand the partnership to include small business incentive programs tied to hiring local workers;  (3) I will encourage entrepreneurship within the district;(4) I will encourage banks to work with small business prospectives by offering loans for start-up businesses.

Education: (1) I will support continued funding for early childhood learning programs to provide quality care, education, and safety for our pre kindergartners/ kindergarteners. (2) I will encourage extended school programs for middle and high schools students. (3) I will support making higher education attainable to all high school graduates.

Public Safety: (1) I will support more jobs in the district, which would result in less crime. (2) I will mobilize crime watch groups along with our local ministers, city and state public safety officials, other resources, and our mayor to provide a comprehensive plan to finally address the growing crime problem (3) I will demand more accountability and some regulations to the gun manufacturing companies and sellers of these sophisticated weapons invading our communities. (4) I will support CORI.

Culture: In our multicultural district, I will encourage support and respect for all cultures to breathe harmony and continued funding for cultural programs.

The 6th Suffolk District deserves a strong and progressive leader who can solidify these changes.  I am that candidate for change!