"Open Hearts, Open Homes"

Almost 50 years ago, South Boston residents Jim and Mary Gavin converted an old police station South Boston for the use of themselves and some friends in need. The Gavin House on Fourth Street became a family home on the first floor, and a halfway house for recovering addicts upstairs.

Over the decades, their seminal efforts have grown and prospered. As Rick Winterson reported in South Boston Online, “From day one, the Gavin House concept worked. It has grown and changed, of course. … but the concept remains the same: focused on helping those afflicted with substance abuse problems, and ‘Dedicated to the Restoration of Dignity.’ ”

Next week supporters will gather for a biennial fundraiser, “Open Hearts, Open Homes.” The evening begins with a general reception at the BCEC/Convention Center, followed by a series of open house parties across Southie.

Dorchester State Rep. Marty Walsh, a longtime supporter, will be a host at one such event, and says, “The Gavin Foundation is a miraculous organization. It has saved thousands of lives. I feel it’s the best way to give what I have back to the community.”

To learn more about the Gavin House programs, call 617-268-5517, or visit gavinfoundation.org.

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