Dorchester Board of Trade luncheon

Memories of my mother are apt to surface especially at this time of year. I don’t, however, have too many memories of her because she died of cancer at the young age of 37, in 1945. I do remember her putting on face powder before she went out. I also remember her playing the piano.


What a nice time Hubby and I had at the Dorchester Board of Trade luncheon on Tues., Apr. 28. When we arrived at Phillips Old Colony House/Freeport Tavern, the BOT’s Executive Secretary, Lisa Courtney, already had the registration desk set up. The first of the guests to arrive was Charles Hollins, from Bay Cove Human Services. He regaled us with his stories of traveling to Disney World. (Hubby and I would both love to go back to Disney World but—who wouldn’t?)

When we had a chance to go inside the dining area, we saw that there were seats at the “College Hype” table. We sat with Jack Doherty, Greg Collins, and Joe Foley from that terrific company. (Jack’s sister Jody had given me a tour of the company’s work floor during this winter.) Secretary Lisa joined us after she made sure there were no more guests coming. The buffet lunch was set up at one end of the dining room. There were all kinds of wraps, including tuna, turkey, and roast beef. There were small cups of cole slaw, along with brownies and cookies, plus coffee.

The speaker for the luncheon was Juline Godin from Dale Carnegie. Juline stressed the importance, especially in this economy, of being positive and of being personable. She gave examples. She asked questions and received answers from the Board of Trade members. She then passed out copies of a small booklet called Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book. A great deal of the book was just common sense but I have never seen so many good hints printed in such a small reference book. The people at our table were asked to discuss the first nine principles from How to Win Friends and Influence People. With Secretary Lisa and Jack, Joe, and Greg from College Hype, we not only had a lively discussion of the nine principles, but we also had lots of fun speaking about them. It was a very pleasant way to end the informative discussion. By the way, the guys from College Hype told me about a new line of products called “Balance.”

Hubby and I were also delighted to see David McCarthy and Lindsey Lerit from the Dorchester YMCA. (I finally had a chance to meet Lindsey face-to-face.) Jeff Calish from Ashmont Tech, Maria Andrade from Women United, and our pals Loretta Philbrick from Cedar Grove Cemetery, Donna Finnegan from Finnegan Law and Real Estate, and Maureen Connolly from Maureen Connolly’s Insurance Agency were there. Leighton Richardson from the Financial Networking Group also joined us, thanks to the urging of Mary Kelly from the Adams Village Business Association. Jack Forbush from Mt. Washington Bank was also able to come to the luncheon.

On Thursday, Apr. 23, the Irish Pastoral Centre held its monthly luncheon at the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton. There was little traffic because of school-vacation week so Hubby, daughter Sue, our friend Eileen, and I were there early. There were already several tables filled with people. Our usual table, near the windows, was empty so we sat there. Pretty soon, the crowd came pouring into the room. We tried to save seats for our friends who usually sit with us but we couldn’t. Almost every seat in the big room was taken. I looked at the altar set up at the front of the room. I expected to see Fr. John McCarthy there but, instead, I saw a good friend, Fr. Richie Putnam, setting up the altar. Fr. Richie and Hubby had taught together quite a few years ago and both even worked together, part-time, at Supreme Market in Fields Corner. Hubby went up to chat with Fr. Richie.

Cora Flood, the senior coordinator for the Irish Pastoral Centre, welcomed us to the luncheon. She told us that Fr. John was in Ireland and he had asked Fr. Richie to say Mass. He began Mass by asking those assembled to pray for Fr. Jim Fratus, the pastor of St. Brendan’s Parish, who had recently passed. (He expects a new pastor to be selected by July.) Fr. Richie mentioned that he assists St. Brendan Parish on weekends. He told us that he is a Neponset boy and is delighted to help out in Dorchester. He mentioned that his mother is now in a senior apartment in Dorchester so he is able to see her each week. He is a Salesian and is assigned to the East Boston Boys and Girls Club.

Following the Mass, the luncheon was served. It was a chicken dish, with rice and mixed vegetables, salad, rolls, and all kinds of desserts. There was also regular and decaf coffee; cold drinks could be purchased at the bar. We sat with a great new group of people. Theresa O’Rourke came all the way from Ireland. Mary Conlon, Sheila and Pakie Kilgallen (from Brighton), and Peg Dooley and Kathleen White from Canton. We all bought chances for the drawings so we waited as they called the winners. They were down to the last prize when one of my tickets was called. I won a bottle of SauvignYoouuk white wine. On the label was a photo of Kevin Youkilis, the Red Sox first baseman. The label on the back of the bottle explains: “Proceeds from SauvignYoouuk Wine support Kevin Youkilis’s ‘Hits for Kids,’ Youk’s organization dedicated to rallying local and corporate support and awareness for charities and organizations focused on the health and wellbeing of children.” I walked out of the center proudly carrying Youk’s wine bottle.

The Pope’s Hill meeting on Apr. 29 was quite well attended. Association President Phil Carver welcomed us to the Murphy Community Center. Judy Burke gave her treasurer’s report. Phil then invited State Trooper Brian Dunn to the microphone. Brian told us that several young men, well-known to the police, were seen by motorists jumping off the Roy Smith Bridge into the water. One motorist became very upset, thinking that one of the youths was trying to commit suicide. The kids were apprehended. Brian told us about the break-in at the fort at Castle Island. He said that several young people, from Roslindale, broke into the fort and painted the walls of the fort with anti-Southie sayings. They also lit a fire. I told Brian that when the troopers caught and arrested all the kids involved, I would gladly come over to the station and thrash them personally. I just can’t fathom why kids would want to damage beautiful Castle Island, a lovely spot to relax so close to our neighborhood. One of the kids, fortunately for the police, dropped his cell phone in the fort so the police were able to trace the owner. They probably will also be able to check the phone to see who his friends are.

Brian also told us that his station at Columbia/Kosciusko Circle is almost the busiest one in all of Massachusetts. If they had reported all the minor problems that the troopers help out at, they would be the busiest. Brian also reported that the staffing level of the troopers is at the same level as it was in 1996. Pres. Phil mentioned that he hoped to have a Crime Summit Gathering at the PHNA meeting on Wed., May 27, to which all local civic associations will be invited. Phil urged members to check out the Pope’s Hill web page and click on the “Police” link.

The next speaker for the evening was one of the Community Service officers from District C-11, our own Dennis Rorie. Dennis invited all kids from ages four to 10 and their parents to come to District C-11’s Bike Rodeo and Fire Safety Day on Sat., May 23, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the I.B.E.W. Hall on Freeport St. There will be safety info for all. He urged us to be sure that children brought their helmets with their bikes when they came to the Bike Rodeo. He mentioned that members of the Fire Dept. will be there to give life-saving tips to children: “What to do if, God forbid, there should be a fire in the child’s home.”

Dennis also told us to warn people who are buying liquor for underage kids. Dennis wants to know their names so let him know at 617-343-4524. He also told us not to leave car keys in our car when we go into a store “just for a minute.” A car was taken from Ashmont St. while the customer was inside the store. He keeps warning us not to leave our GPS system and/or our laptop in our car. A police car, on patrol, just happened to drop into a local parking lot and saw two men from Quincy snorting cocaine. (Bad timing!) A member told us that she saw two delivery men in uniform from a local restaurant, smoking pot as they walked down her street. There was also a report of slashed tires because someone dared to park on the adjoining street to their home because there was no parking left on their street. When asked, Dennis was not sure, as yet, if the Party Line would be in effect this summer. There will be more about the Pope’s Hill meeting in next week’s paper.

I send best wishes to all Mothers and Grandmothers. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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