Savin Hill residents advised to buckle up for extended utility construction this year

A crew worked on a trench along Savin Hill Avenue on Monday as part of an Eversource-related project.
Cassidy McNeeley photo

Eversource is currently working on building a new 2.1-mile underground transmission line connecting its Andrew Square substation to the Dewar Street substation off Dot Ave. in Savin Hill. The project, which is scheduled to run into next winter, will have an impact on the movement of people and vehicles until then, especially in Savin Hill.

Eversource representative Ian Quin discussed the situation over Zoom with members of the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association at their meeting last week.

“We have completed work up north over on Dorchester Avenue. We have just completed the jack and bore drilling work between Springdale Street and Dewar Street right underneath 93 South,” said Quin, an associate public involvement specialist at Burns & McDonnell. “We are working now to demobilize equipment from the work zone on Springdale Street and get ready for more duct bank work leading out of it.”

Most of the work this season, he said, will be the continuation of in-street construction and the completion of manhole building. “The big-ticket item is reconstruction. That includes the duct bank excavation,” Quin said. “If you see our crews out there, kind of trudging along a trench through Savin Hill Avenue, that’s exactly what that work is.”

He continued: “We have two areas that we’re currently working on. Up north that is Mary Ellen McCormack [housing development] and then down south into the Savin Hill neighborhood. At this moment, we have all but one of our manholes completely installed. The one that remains is in Savin Hill. We are currently working with our engineers to get that one located and then installed.”

The construction in Savin Hill will be a half-mile or so long spanning across Old Colony, Grampian Way, Savin Hill Ave, and Playstead Road. Work will be conducted Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with occasional weekend work. 

Residents in these neighborhoods, Quin said, “can expect to hear construction noise, see less parking availability, and experience partial road closures during work hours.” He promised that the community would be informed on all project happenings. 

Door hangers and weekly construction update emails will be issued every Friday at 1 p.m., Quin said, adding: “We also have in-field presence consistently throughout the duration of the project while our crews are working in Savin Hill and other areas of the project. You can always find them wearing their high-vis vest. You can go up and talk to them. I myself am one of those individuals.” 

To mitigate the impact, Eversource is working with Boston Police on traffic management plans and the Parks and Recreation Department on McConnell Park activities. 

When the 115-kilovolt underground transmission line is completed next winter, Quin said, “project roads will be completely repaved, the remaining sidewalks will be restored to better than before condition, along with handicap ramps and a raised sidewalk will be installed on Grampian Way, just outside of the Savin Hill Park.”

For more information about the project, call the information hotline at 833-836-0302, or email

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