BLS Wolfpack ready for hockey playoff stage

Niamh Foley, McKenna Savicke, Kelly McKenna, and Riley Porter are ready to skate for BLS Wolfpack.
Cassidy McNeeley photo

At 4 p.m. on Wednesday, four Dorchester residents with the Boston Latin Girls Varsity Ice Hockey team, were set to take the ice and launch their Division I MIAA playoff journey against Andover at the Breakaway Ice Center in Tewksbury. 

The BLS Wolfpack had gone 16-4-2 this season and is ranked 18th in their division. Andover is ranked a few spots higher in 15th place. 

“We haven’t played against Andover, but I know it’s going to be an evenly matched game,” said Dorchester native and BLS assistant coach Brenna Galvin. “We can play with any team and I know the rest of the coaching staff believes it. We just need the girls to come to play on Wednesday.”

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Coach Brenna Galvin, Niamh Foley, McKenna Savicke, Kelly McKenna, and Riley Porter are ready to skate for BLS Wolfpack. Cassidy McNeeley photo

Galvin, who works with head coach Tom McGrath and assistant coach Olivia Collins, is the lone leader from Dorchester and she takes pride in coaching four varsity players from her neighborhood – junior goalie Kelly McKenna; sophomore defenseman Niamh Foley; freshman forward Riley Porter; and 7th-grader McKenna Savicke. 

The oldest of the Dorchester group, McKenna has taken on a great deal of responsibility as the team’s starting goalie. The 16-year-old has made more than 1,000 career saves at BLS and was hoping to continue to keep the puck out of the net against Andover. 

“There was a week stretch of difficult games for us. But I feel like seeing us as a team compete with number one and two teams really helped our confidence build,” she said. “I feel like as a team, we believe that we can compete with any team now.”

McKenna has proven to be a great role model for younger players, especially the 12-year-old Savicke, a goalie. The first year BLS student appreciates the support of her teammates on and off the ice. “I’ve enjoyed the transition from my old school,” she said. “So far it’s been fun, and I’ve gotten an opportunity to play for a team here.”

Helping to keep Andover players away from the goal is 15-year-old defenseman Foley who started playing hockey just five years ago. 

“I’m still new to hockey so I’m still developing as a player,” he said. “Since being on this team I’ve gotten more ice time, which has helped me become more confident. I’m less scared to get the puck or to move people out from in front of the net and I think BLS has really helped me with that.”

Hoping to be part of a team that upsets higher-ranked Andover is right winger Porter.

“Having this record wasn’t expected by anyone. Being a public school you are kind of looked down on,” said the 14-year-old. “BLS teaches you to work hard and that also translates to the ice. We are all always working hard and trying to improve.”

All the players are excited heading into playoffs and ready to fulfill their various roles.

“We can play with every team. I would like to attribute it to the fact that they’re city kids and that they’re tough,” coach Galvin said in an interview with the Reporter. “I think we’ve proven time and time again that we are a team to watch out for. We’re a major underdog in this tournament.”

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