Letter to the Editor: Mrs. Nee gives three cheers for student-athlete Maddie Murphy

To the Editor:

As Maddie Murphy’s K1 teacher at the Perry School, I still have goosebumps after reading in your Sept. 7 edition about her journey through the many elimination rounds to find herself among a small group of the best girl hockey players in America!! Move over Mike Eruzione, we may have a new hometown hero!!

There’s one thing I’ll add to Mom Katie’s very humble comments stating that she and her husband Jimmy had nothing to do with Maddie’s success. Not from this observer’s seat. There were never expectations of special treatment from teachers, as some parents today mistakenly believe gives their child an advantage. Instead, just Mom and Dad’s calm, interested manner was enough to provide their four children with the security and comfort needed to find their way in the world. That’s the secret formula of parenting.

All I can say, Maddie, is if you do make it to Switzerland in January, there may be a BPS K1 teacher who will have to use up her personal days that week. You go, girlfriend!

Judy Nee (Mrs. Nee)
Winthrop, Mass.

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