Dot native Mark Mulvoy enters Hockey Hall; cited for his editorial support of the sport at SI, Globe

Photo by Kelly Mangan

Two Dorchester natives who grew up on side streets off Dot Ave., Mark Mulvoy, left, and Marty Walsh, shared a moment on Monday after Mulvoy was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame’s media division at a luncheon ceremony in Toronto.

Walsh, the former mayor of Boston and US secretary of labor who is now the executive director of the National Hockey League’s Players’ Association, listened along with a gathering of hockey notables, including Scottie Bowman, winning coach of nine Stanley Cups with three teams and a longtime (57 years) acquaintance of Mulvoy’s on the hockey beat, as the honoree talked about his experiences covering hockey first as a writer at the Boston Globe and Sports Illustrated and later as a senior editor and editor-in-chief at SI over the final third of the last century when the magazine brought editorial clout and opinion to its coverage of blooming issues – gambling, drugs, domestic abuse – in the world of sports.

Mark MulvoyNHLaward.jpg

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