District 5 candidates talk policy in Dorchester Reporter questionnaire

In advance of the Sept. 12 preliminary, the Dorchester Reporter prepared its own questionnaire for District 5 candidates and asked each of the four candidates to participate. Ricardo Arroyo, the incumbent since 2020, is facing three challengers: Enrique Pepen, Jose Ruiz and Jean-Claude Sanon.

The preliminary will narrow the field to two candidates, who will face off in the Nov. 7 final election.

The district includes Hyde Park, Roslindale and part of Mattapan.

The Reporter sent the same survey to District 3 candidates, and their responses will be published in the coming weeks.

The survey, which included biographical questions, details about their political ideology and specific policy questions that have both citywide and neighborhood-specific implications. The answers from District 5 candidates are available below. Sanon did not respond to questionnaire as of Wednesday, Aug. 23.

Ricardo Arroyo (incumbent) | Questionnaire Responses

Enrique Pepen, former executive director of Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services | Questionnaire Responses

Jose Ruiz, former Boston Police officer | Questionnaire Responses

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