Essaibi George launches ‘listen and learn’ tour

Mayoral finalist Annissa Essaibi George this week plans campaign stops in Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan and other Boston neighborhoods as part of a “listen and learn” tour.

The conversations at the campaign stops will inform her “equity, inclusion and justice agenda,” the campaign said in a release on Monday. Monday’s schedule featured coffee at Dudley Cafe in Roxbury, a neighborhood walk through Bowdoin Geneva in Dorchester, and a Cape Verdean community breakfast in Ronan Park. A meeting with Haitian leaders is on the schedule for 6 p.m.

Essaibi George cleared the Sept. 14 mayoral preliminary with City Councillor At-Large Michelle Wu. Both are on the Nov. 2 ballot, and whoever wins will be the first woman of color to be elected mayor of Boston.

“Central to doing this critical work, and doing it right, is ensuring I continue to have these important conversations about equity in our neighborhoods and hear from a diverse group of residents and community leaders with lived experience to help educate, inform, and guide decisions,” Essaibi George said in a statement. “We must listen to and learn from each other across the city in order to prioritize equity and fight for the structural changes needed to combat discrimination and foster inclusivity in Boston.”

Tuesday’s schedule includes the Vietnamese Day Center in Dorchester, while Wednesday features a stop at the Eagle Hill Cafe in Boston. On Thursday, Essaibi George plans to stop by Le Foyer for coffee in Mattapan, and a visit to the Haitian Day Center in the same neighborhood. Friday’s schedule includes coffee in Chinatown, a visit to Work Inc. in Dorchester and a talk with labor unions about diversifying their workforces, before ending the tour in Roxbury with a roundtable discussion with Somali women.


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