Endorsement Corner: Wu nabs Miranda’s backing as Ward 15 adds to slate

Liz Miranda Strand Theater for Michelle Wu

Rep. Liz Miranda outside the Strand Theater in Uphams Corner. (Photo via Twitter)

At the Strand Theater on Wednesday, City Councillor Michelle Wu, who topped the mayoral ballot last week, touted the endorsement of state Rep. Liz Miranda, a Democratic lawmaker who represents parts of Dorchester and Roxbury.

“Throughout her time in the State Legislature and before, her leadership has shifted what’s possible in Boston and beyond,” Wu said in a statement. “I look forward to working in partnership with her to continue building community and ensure all our neighborhoods are healthy, safe, and connected.”

A former nonprofit administrator, Miranda was elected to the Fifth Suffolk District seat in 2018 and serves on the Legislature's community development, public safety, veterans and judiciary committees.

“This moment will shape the future of Boston for years to come and calls on all of us to elect a Mayor who will lead for and with all of our neighborhoods in Boston, someone who is accountable to the people of Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park and communities of color from across the diaspora who call Boston home," Miranda said. "I love our City of Boston, but this is our city too, our communities deserve and demand more."

She added: "We cannot wait another year for a comprehensive solution to the Mass & Cass crisis now, for improvements to Madison Park High and all of our public schools, good paying jobs or resources to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. I want us to stop just surviving, it’s time for us to thrive. As the Mayor who will be brave and bold, empowering us to dream bigger, expanding what is politically possible for the city we love, I know that Michelle Wu is the candidate we can trust on November 2nd."

Separately, Ward 15 Democrats on Saturday (Sept. 18) voted to add to their slate of 2021 endorsements.

Members of the Ward 15 Democratic Committee announced they’re backing incumbent Julia Mejia and social worker Carla Monteiro in the at-large field.

The Sept. 14 preliminary narrowed a field of 17 candidates down to 8. Voters will choose four on Tuesday, Nov. 2.
The Ward 15 group previously endorsed Ruthzee Louijeune, who served as senior counsel to US Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and David Halbert, a former City Hall and State House aide, at its meeting in June.

The group also said it was backing Evandro Carvalho, the former state lawmaker who is running in District 4, which includes parts of Dorchester and Mattapan. Carvalho is facing off against first-time candidate Brian Worrell.

The Ward 15 Democrats also endorsed a question set to appear on the citywide ballot. The proposal would hand new budgetary powers to the 13-member City Council. The ballot question is an effort to put the City Council on equal footing with the mayor when it comes to crafting the annual budget.

An endorsement occurs with a two-thirds majority of voting members, according to the group.

Meanwhile, a former at-large rival also announced his support for several candidates. Said Abdikarim, who finished in twelfth place, said he is supporting Louijeune, Halbert, and Erin Murphy. “When I was a candidate, I centered solutions to address affordable housing, education and job disparity, and the opioid crisis,” Abdikarim said in a statement released by the Murphy campaign. “These are Erin’s values and goals, too, and I’m confident that she will do the hard work necessary to achieve them. The biggest factor is that Erin is a teacher, and teachers played a significant role in my life when I arrived here from Somalia.”

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