21 Dot students receive scholarships to BU

A total of 85 Boston Public Schools graduates— including 21 from Dorchester— received scholarships for their BU undergraduate education this summer. Photo by Jake Belcher for Boston University Photography

Five BPS graduates from Dorchester will receive the Thomas M. Menino Scholarship, a prestigious four-year, full-tuition scholarship awarded to high school seniors graduating from Boston Public Schools. And, 16 Dorchester students will receive the Boston University Community Service Award program, which fully funds calculated financial need without loans for any admitted Boston Public Schools graduate and transfer students. Since their inception, these scholarship programs have awarded over $200 million to Boston high school graduates who attend BU.

The Menino scholars from Dorchester are: Nick N. Pham, Sally T. Phan, My Linh Trujillo, Michelle T. Harrison and Helena Yazbeck. The community service award scholars from Dorchester include, Kawsar Ahmed, Mariana R. Brhane, Kyla C. Cohenlesley, Vanessa L. Dang, Shirli Marini, Jack Nguyen, Tina K. Phan, Ani Pulake, Tatiana I. Ramos, Alisa Tran, Tony Le, Ai Quyen Le, Danny V. Nguyen, Avrie Slocumb, Nelissa Timothee and Michele Tran.

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