One of three Lynch challengers suspends campaign

U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch's path to re-election just got a little clearer with the South Boston Democrat's primary challenger Brianna Wu announcing Tuesday that she would discontinue her campaign for Congress.

Lynch, who is seeking his 10th full term in the House of Representative, still faces a primary challenge from two other Democrats, including Massachusetts General Hospital physician Robbie Goldstein, who just successfully sued to reduce the signature threshold to qualify for the ballot.

Wu, a video game programmer who also ran against Lynch two years ago, said the realities of running an insurgent campaign in the midst of a public health crisis that requires social distancing would be too much to overcome.

"Of course, I’ve asked myself if it’s possible to win with an all-online strategy. This is where the dispassionate engineering part of my brain kicks in. And the answer I have come to is, 'Not in my particular race,'" Wu wrote in an email to supporters.

Wu also noted that while "the best thing for our democracy" would be for the Legislature to switch to an all mail-in ballot system for the September primary, she believes absentee voting would favor an incumbent like Lynch, who enjoys better name recognition.

"The biggest lesson I learned in 2018 is you cannot win a congressional election with digital alone. We tried this in 2018, doing amazingly well for a first time candidate and getting almost half the votes we needed to win. But, a lot of people are simply not reachable through ads, as Mike Bloomberg can attest to," Wu wrote.

The other Democrat who formed a committee to run against Lynch is Mohammad Dar, another doctor from Jamaica Plain.


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