Committee closes in on UMass Boston Chancellor finalists

After interviewing 11 candidates, members of the UMass Boston Chancellor Search Committee plan to meet next week and could then select finalists for the post. Identities of candidates become public at the finalist stage, and the committee said in a message to the UMass Boston community Wednesday night that the next step would be for the finalists to visit the campus. Campus visits could begin "as early as January 31 and continuing into the following week," committee Chair Norman Peters and Vice Chair Jean Rhodes wrote in an email.

"Campus visits are critically important steps in the selection process, as they allow the finalist candidates to get to know more about UMass Boston – and give members of the UMass Boston community a close look at the people who aspire to the chancellorship," the email said. "Campus response plays an important role in the process, and we will be seeking feedback on each candidate from members of the UMB community."

Interim Chancellor Katherine Newman has been leading the Dorchester campus since last summer, after a previous chancellor search came to what UMass President Martin Meehan described as an "unceremonious end" when all three finalists withdrew from consideration after the campus visits. The search committee plans a 3 p.m. meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28.




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