Irish boxers in town for House of Blues bouts

Saturday is fight night at the House of Blues in Boston and a pair of Irish boxers are on the bill. Former WBO middleweight champ Spike O’Sullivan of Cork will be taking on Englishman Nick Quigley in the headliner bout, while Ray Moylette of Islandeady in Co. Mayo will square up against Puerto Rican fighter Hector Rivera.

Both boxers are being promoted by Murphys Boxing, an organization started in 2015 by Dropkick Murphys founder and lead singer Ken Casey. Casey, a lifelong boxing fan, took up promotional work as a new challenge, and is excited about bringing boxing back to Boston.

“I think boxing in America is on the cusp of a huge comeback, and it’s nice to be part of it,” said Casey. “This event is on TV Saturday night because all the promoters know there be will be a good crowd here in Boston. It will be lively, it will sound good, it will look good on TV. Much like how Dropkick Murphys was able to use Boston as a platform for music, in terms of having a great local music scene and building a fanbase that way, these fighters can do a similar thing and come here and build their following.”

O’Sullivan and Moylette said they were inspired by the amount of support they receive as Irish boxers in Boston.

“The fans over here are incredible,” said Moylette. “They really embrace Irish culture, they like to see the Irish kids coming over, and they do really rally behind us and support us all. Even though we’re a thousand miles away it feels like we’re at home.”

O’Sullivan confirmed this sentiment.

“Earlier today a chap came up and gave me a lotto ticket for tonight,” he said, brandishing the ticket with a grin. “The support is amazing, the fan base here is just unbelievable.”

Both fighters were confident heading into the Saturday night event, which will air on ESPN beginning at 7 pm.

“We’ve both got the Irish heart, the fighting Irish heart,” said O’Sullivan, pounding his chest with his fist. “That’s going to be an advantage for us.”


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