Dot’s Blakeley is one of two Campbell scholarship winners

Krystle Campbell Scholarship recipient Eden Blakeley '18 of Dorchester poses for a photo with UMass Boston Chancellor J. Keith Motley and Krystle's father Bill Campbell at the Krystle Campbell Peace Garden in Medford.

UMass Boston has a special connection with Krystle Campbell, who was killed in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The Medford woman attended UMass Boston from 2005-2007 and received a degree posthumously.

In 2013, UMass Boston established the Krystle Campbell Scholarship Fund to carry on her legacy. Every year, the fund grants two undergraduate female students pursuing a business degree with a $5,000 scholarship.

The scholarship fund is backed by donations and the Krystle Campbell Scholarship Marathon Team. The scholarship fund has raised $680,000 towards their $1 million goal.

UMass Boston hosted the scholarship presentation at Krystle Campbell Peace Garden in Medford on Sat., April 8. Before the event, the Marathon Team ran a mile through Medford, past the Campbell home and to the celebration.

The recipients of this year’s Krystle Campbell Scholarships were Eden Blakeley ’18 of Dorchester and Leona Smith ’17 of Revere.

Blakeley hosted a fundraiser in New York City with two of her friends at Mercury Bar in 2013 in memory of those who had lost their lives and in support of those who had been affected. They raised $4,000 and donated it to the Jeffrey Coombs Memorial Foundation to help assist families and victims in need.

“Simply receiving a scholarship would have been amazing, but to have it in [Campbell’s] name has changed my outlook quite a bit and I want to stay connected and involved in this foundation’s community,” said Blakeley. “The ceremony was incredible, and it was very emotional having Krystle’s father there, and the runners with their families. The highlight for me was being able to see the [Medford Mayor Stephanie Burke] and Krystal’s family put down flowers at her memorial site.”

Blakeley is a Management major with a concentration in International Management. She hopes to one day work for the U.S. Department of State.


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