JOBE the Musical opens Thursday at Hibernian Hall

The cast of JOBE the Musical, which will be staged over the next two weeks at Roxbury's Hibernian Hall.

Life’s intricate trials and glorious victories are exhibited in the uplifting JOBE The Musical, opening on Thursday at Hibernian Hall. The performance, presented by CommonHouse Theater and Productions, Inc. and Madison Park Development Corporation, is under the masterful direction of Vincent Ernest Siders, an IRNE Award nominee for Best Direction for The Family Beef Feast Fest.

Siders, a Dorchester resident, is the lead instructor of Youth Underground at Central Square Theater. JOBE the Musical is the second show that Vincent has directed at Hibernian Hall. The first was To Hell with This Village in the summer of 2013.

JOBE The Musical is an adaptation of the biblical book of Job and the genius work of playwright, Milton Wright, who is also the actor who plays the role of Reverend Dr. Rutherford D. Thompson.

“JOBE The Musical brings people together, when you mention Jobe people are excited and inspired,” said Milton Wright. “Years of strength and elder vision have been poured into the most fulfilling and impactful work of my life. Jobe has changed my life and the lives of others.”

Toussaint Liberator presents his powerful voice in his role as Jobe. Liberator undergoes a Joblike experience; he loses his family and business but it his unshaken faith that triumphantly sees him through all his life altering challenges. His sonorous voice deeply blankets the room and artistically captures the struggles of Jobe. The cast includes Kelli Brown as Sara and Charles Potter as Satin.

JOBE The Musical will be presented for two weeks on April 28 - 30 and May 5 – 8 at Hibernian Hall, 184 Dudley St., RoxburyThe price for general admission tickets are $30 and $15 for senior/students. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online by visiting For additional information, please visit


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