City-owned homes offered for sale to first-time buyers

A home built on city-owned land on Trull Street nears completion.

At Tuesday evening’s Hancock Street Civic Association meeting, Kevin Maguire from Oxbow Urban gave an update on a number of city-owned parcels being privately developed into homeownership units. The presentation focused on three parcels in the Hancock Street area — 17 Trull, 10 Glen, and 10 Ware streets.

“When Mayor Walsh took office, he gave us a directive to put City land back into productive use,” said Sheila Dillion, the city’s housing chief, in an emailed statement. “The response from the development community has been very positive, and there has been a lot of excitement in the buyer’s market as well. With a solid pipeline of additional projects in place, we expect to have continued success with this initiative.”

The 172 city-owned parcels are connected to developers through the Neighborhood Homes Initiative (NHI), managed by the Department of Neighborhood Development.

The Trull parcel, which includes two single-family homes, one at 10 Glen Street and the other at 17 Trull Street, cost the city roughly $500,000 to build. Both properties are being sold to first time homebuyers for $295,000.

The property at 10 Ware Street is being sold as a two-family home for $425,000. The homeowner would purchase the ether property, including one live-in unit, and would be able to rent out the other half of the home for supplemental income.

Maguire said the homes are designed to “keep it contextual to neighborhoods,” which feature houses with detailed craftsmanship. “Trull and Ware echo those exterior features,” he said. “On the interior, it’s everything that’s modern,” stressing that the houses meet the most recent energy efficiency codes and are made with open floor plans and market-standard materials.

“While I think Trull and Ware are absolutely gorgeous — great value, a great opportunity to own at a great price in a neighborhood that’s really thriving — this is just the beginning,” Maguire said.

Maguire estimated that dozens more parcels would be available in successive batches over the next year and a half. There are currently 20 parcels in development in Dorchester and 31 parcels in Mattapan, according to data provided by DND.

On Tuesday, Maguire said that the city expects that there will be a low number of applications for the Trull and Ware properties, probably four or five. He hypothesized that the community needs to see the process working in order to increase interest and demand as the housing stock is built up. The housing managers expect to see higher interest for subsequent properties.

Applications for but the Trull properties and 10 Ware are due to the Boston Home Center by 5 p.m. on Friday (Nov. 4). Accepted applicants will then be put into a lottery for first pick of the homes. Any interested parties can call 617-635-7663 for more information on NHI.