At BC High, they’re now Mary Madden Scholars

In the fall of 2001, BC High introduced the McElroy Scholars Program in an effort to provide at-risk students with models of success and the extra tools needed to excel academically, which, it was hoped, would in turn instill confidence and present opportunities that may have seemed impossible before their time at the school. The program has proved to be a success.

Faculty members associated with the effort are asked to serve as a family liaison and provide extra support for the scholars outside of their classes, while maintaining the role of teacher and mentor in the classroom.

It came as no surprise to those at the school at the time that the late Mary Madden was the first in line to volunteer. Close to retirement, the well-known Dorchester resident took on this commitment with the same fervor that she had brought to her teaching career, putting her heart and soul and much of her time, in school and out, into the program.

She was a proud coach whose students continued year after year to achieve at levels far beyond their expectations as did the students with other faculty participants.

The school announced this fall that in Mary’s honor and memory, the McElroy Scholars will henceforth be known as Madden Scholars.


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