Kosciuszko Circle on National Registry of Historic Places

Add one more regulatory headache to the laundry list facing Boston 2024’s proposed Athletes Village in Columbia Point: Turns out that Kosciuszko Circle, the traffic rotary Boston 2024 wants to convert into a four-way signalized intersection, is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The designation on the registry kicks in added protection for the roadways as well as a review by the Massachusetts Historical Commission.

“Anything involving state or federal permitting would be subject to a review by the state historical commission,” said Brian McNiff, spokesperson for the state commission confirmed to the Reporter today.

“This review isn’t a veto,” McNiff added. “It’s consultative.”

The rotary itself is a part of the Old Harbor Reservation Parkways. It was designed by Frederick Olmsted and Arthur Shurcliff and built in 1927.

The designation, which applies to Columbia Road from Kosciuszko Circle to Farragut Road, Old Colony Avenue between Pacuska Circle and its intersection with Columbia Road, and William J. Day Boulevard, comes from the roadways’ significance in community planning, conservation, engineering, landscape architecture, recreation, and transportation. It was added to the national registry in 2008.

Boston 2024 CEO Rich Davey was made aware of the historic designation in an interview with the Reporter on Tuesday. When asked, he said the designation is “not on my radar” but “I welcome that conversation.”

“Among anyone that I talk to who lives in Columbia Point or Savin Hill, no one was lauding the virtues of K-Circle,” Davey said.




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