Two-way traffic available during MWRA pipe rehab in Lower Mills

Rehabilitation and replacement work of a major water pipeline focused on Adams St. on Monday, opposite the entrance and exit of the Baker Chocolate Factory condominiums. According to an update from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, two-way traffic is being maintained, and residents of the condos will be able to head into Boston or Milton.

The work, expected to last three weeks, will continue up Adams St. toward Washington St. and Dorchester Ave. A brick island on the median will be removed.

The $14.5 million project involves refurbishing a pipeline, built in the early 1900s, that distributes water for Milton, Quincy and the southeast corner of Boston, since some sections of the pipeline are old and functioning at 50 percent capacity because of rust build-up and pocking along the pipeline’s walls.

The entire project is expected to last into November and include some street closures.



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