Cedar Grove, Savin Hill baseball join forces for teen play

The ultimate goal of youth sports is for kids to have fun, compete, and learn, not just about the game, but also about an important values in life like teamwork, responsibility, and commitment. With that in mind, Cedar Grove Baseball and Savin Hill Baseball have come together to offer Babe Ruth baseball to as many children in the neighborhood as possible.

Tom Leahy and Mike Mackan from Cedar Grove Baseball have joined Mike Manning, Mike Christopher, and Tony King of Savin Hill Baseball to construct a league of six teams, with a total of around 90 children, ages 13-15. The games will be played at both Dorchester Park and McConnell Park throughout the season. For the first time, the teams will be mixed with Cedar Grove and Savin Hill kids on the same roster.

The rosters, consisting of children from both sections of Dorchester, will give them the chance to play with kids from beyond their neighborhood, which is a break from the past. The new mix also gives them the opportunity to build additional friendships and future relationships.
Cedar Grove Baseball and Savin Hill Baseball adults feel this is the best option to give the neighborhood children these opportunities while making a breakthrough in Dorchester baseball history.
“Both programs have always had a strong and vibrant effort in keeping children involved in baseball and to this end, this is no different,” said Tom Leahy, a longtime coach and organizer for Cedar Grove. “We only seek a program where as many kids as possible are given the chance to play youth baseball at the Babe Ruth level.”
Baseball, at a teen level, has become more and more difficult program to run, especially in the city, with all the options of extra-curricular activities for the children, according to leaders from both leagues. With the children joining high school sports teams, beginning to work, and other youth sports like lacrosse emerging, it is harder than ever to keep the numbers high.
Opening day for this new combination league is next Tuesday (April 26) at Dorchester Park.



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