Reactions in Dot to the senator’s passing

ear that Senator Kennedy had died during the night on Tuesday, though his death was not unexpected.

Following are reactions to the news in Dorchester as gathered by the Reporter staff Wednesday morning.

Bret Lipow, originally from New York:
 “I think they have a big problem, because they have nobody really representing them in the Senate at kind of a crucial time. I’m not really sure what’s going to happen with that, but I hope it works out.”

Jonathan Mack,
of Sudan Street, met at JFK station: It’s sad. He’s been our senator for a long time and I’m sure they’ll miss him in the Congress.”

Cathy Cini Mack, originally from Albania:
“I think he was a great senator and he was embracing a lot of issues with immigrants.”

Keyona Sanders, JFK station:
“I don’t know how to feel because I didn’t know the man, but, it is sad. It’s not going to be any different because everybody’s still going to be doing the same thing. You just have one less person who’s more for the good cause that’s gone.”

Sonny Wyland, Plymouth, Indiana, attorney: “It’s a sad day, Kennedy was a man that had influence. I don’t know who’s going to replace him. He didn’t see color, and that why people admired him.”
Valerie Manchester and daughter Lindsay, Watertown: “It is a great loss. It’s the end of a legacy. I only hope that all he worked for continues to evolve.”

Bob Miller, Franklin, mailman: “Kennedy was a great politician; he represented everything I wanted out of government.”

Pat Schubert, Dorchester: “He did a lot for Massachusetts. I feel sorry for the family. No one can fill his shoes.”


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