Longtime Feeney aide plans to take a break

District 3 City Councillor Maureen Feeney's chief of staff, Renie Smith, who has earned a stellar reputation serving the neighborhood with the councillor for 11 years, is working her last day in City Hall today, at least for the time being. Smith, who resides in the Cedar Grove neighborhood, said she's thoroughly enjoyed the job, but is looking forward to taking a little break as well.

"Maureen's just getting ready to start another campaign and I know how much work goes into that," said Smith. "I just thought it would be easier for someone new to start now.

"I'm not moving away, I've been in Dorchester my whole life and people will still see me around. Maybe I'll go to a meeting and just listen. I won't have to take notes! "

For many in the neighborhood, Smith's are considered big shoes to fill.

"It's a big loss for all of us out in the community," said Davida Andelman, a neighborhood activist in the Bowdoin Geneva neighborhood.

Feeney told the Reporter in January that she will seek another term in office this fall. Sources close to Feeney say the councillor has been ramping up her campaign efforts of late and is definitely running for re-election.



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