Upham's Corner teen lends talents to build community

Editor's Note: The Keystone Club, a youth group based at the Colonel Daniel Marr Boys and Girls Club, has begun a new project in coordination with the Reporter to profile outstanding neighborhood youth throughout the upcoming year. This is the second in that series of profiles, dubbed Keystone Stars, prepared by Keystone Club members Ashley Miranda and James Wyse.

Name: Andrew Nelson Carver Klein

School: Boston Latin School

Grade: 12

Favorite Class: History

Least Favorite Class: Chemistry

Favorite Entertainer: Bob Dylan

Favorite Foods: Burritos

Best Trip: Germany/Netherlands/Poland/Amsterdam

Favorite Historical Figure: Frederick Douglass

Favorite Quote: "Poetry, like bread, belongs to everyone"- Roque Dalton

If you could spend the day with someone who would it be?: Mel Brooks, Comedian. "That would be a blast."
Andrew Klein is a 12th grade Boston Latin School student who lives in the Uphams Corner area of Dorchester.  Andrew is involved in many groups in and out of school, but they all have a common goal: highlighting how Andrew loves to help out in his community.  Andrew is a proud member of the Dorchester Youth Council, which helps teens from the community obtain mini-grants and helps guide them to become motivated to succeed in life.

For Andrew, a good education is the basis to succeeding in life.  Andrew is an honor roll student at Latin and is thankful that he has had such a great education.  He also stresses the importance of reading.  One of Andrew's biggest regrets is not reading that much as a younger child as well as not sticking with the sports he played at an early age. Andrew is involved in many groups in and out of school designed to help others in need.  In school, Andrew is the President of the Amnesty International Club, which is a human rights organization.  Not only is Andrew involved with helping other people out, he also likes journalism.  Andrew is the editor of his school newspaper, the Argo, managing 150 staff members and putting out an excellent newspaper once a month.

Another important group that Andrew is involved with outside of school is the Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Youth Violence where he is a member of the Youth Leadership Board.  Andrew was inspired by his father to be outspoken on his beliefs.  Andrew can remember his dad going to union meetings and fighting for what he believed in, much like Andrew today.

Andrew plans to attend college after high school, but does not know where he wants to go yet.  He wants to expand his interest in journalism and community activism in the future but loves history and thinks it would also be great to be a historian.  Andrew's future includes living in a big city because he feels that there are many opportunities that can present themselves when living in a major urban area.

Andrew is a great kid who has knowledge beyond his years.  He knows if something isn't right to stand up and make it right.  Not only does Andrew care about his friends and family, he also dedicates a lot of his time helping other Dorchester teens that he doesn't know by trying to guide them towards the right path, helping them to a promising and productive future.

For this Andrew deserves much more appreciation than anyone could give him.  That is why Andrew Klein is February's Keystone Star of the Month.