Party defends Chuck Turner

The state's Green-Rainbow Party, of which City Councillor Chuck Turner is a member, called this week for Council President Maureen Feeney to re-instate Turner to his committee positions and accused federal prosecutors of attempting to destroy Turner's political career. In a statement, the party said the "right of [his] constituents to select their city councilor should not be revoked as a result of questionable FBI accusations and leaked snippets of video tape."

Turner continues to decry City Council President Maureen Feeney's stripping of his chairmanships, which occurred hours after he was arrested on charges of accepting a $1,000 cash bribe.

On Sunday, Turner released a statement saying cash contributions below $50 are legal.

"Even if the alleged money was $1000, I would be guilty of a campaign finance violation, not extortion," he said.

Turner's next rally is scheduled for Dec. 9, at Roxbury Community College at 8 p.m. Turner is due in court the next day at 3 p.m. at the Moakley Courthouse.



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