Draft of bike map lacking key details on Dot routes

The City of Boston's bike coordinator Nicole Freedman has been keeping busy during the winter months with a number of projects aimed at making the city a better place for bicycling. One project though, gathering input for a bicycle route map for the city, has reached one of many draft stages but still lacks essential Dorchester details.

Dorchester Avenue, Columbia Road, Massachusetts Avenue, and a number of routes bicyclists often travel on are not represented on the map, leaving no way to access Columbia Point, or to get from Peabody Square to Fields Corner. Other routes known to be hazardous, such as Gallivan Boulevard, are included.

"You publish a map that's fairly flawed and go through and make new versions," said Freedman. "There's a very strong group of cyclists in Dorchester and I'll reach out to them."

Input for the map is being gathered using Googlemaps, and is somewhat laborious, though Freedman said she has received only one complaint.

"I get the impression that other neighborhoods are more strongly represented than Dorchester is," said Rosanne Foley, one of the founders a new local bike advocacy group. "Which I think is why this DotBike group has started off so strong."

Instructions for leaving input can be found at cityofboston.gov/bikes. For other inquiries contact Freedman at 617-429-8440 or Nicole.Freedman.bra@CityofBoston.gov.