Dorcena Forry endorses Chang-Diaz

Another politician who endorsed state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson during the September Democratic primary has switched support to challenger Sonia Chang-Diaz. State Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry said she is now endorsing Chang-Diaz for the general election.

"I've known Sonia for several years," Forry said, noting that Chang-Diaz, a former public school teacher, worked on her election campaign in 2005. Forry added that she admires Wilkerson, who is running a sticker campaign to retain her seat, "but the voters in her district chose Chang-Diaz in the primary."

Forry is married to Bill Forry, managing editor of the Dorchester Reporter. The Reporter did not endorse a candidate in the primary and has not endorsed a candidate for the general election.

In the primary, Chang-Diaz had few notable endorsements to tout, beyond those of mostly local newspapers, and won on Sept. 16 by over 200 votes. Wilkerson, until Tuesday night, kept a list of primary endorsements up on her campaign website. Many local Democrats, such as state Rep. Marty Walsh, Mayor Thomas Menino and City Councillor at-Large Sam Yoon, are publicly staying on the sidelines.

Former state Rep. Mel King, a political legend in the South End section of Wilkerson's District, came out in favor of the voters' choice - Chang-Diaz - in the Boston Globe on Wednesday. Without the volunteer power that some of these political figures can influence, Wilkerson may face a challenge finding enough hands to pass out stickers and get out the vote. Wilkerson and Chang-Diaz are on the ballot with Socialist Workers Party candidate William Leonard.



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