Council hopeful cited for stickers

Complaints from civic leaders about candidate Doug Bennett's bumper stickers - plastered on public equipment all over Dorchester in recent weeks - have resulted in a fine from the city's inspectional services department. This sticker was one of two improperly displayed at the intersection of Columbia Road and Dorchester Ave. this week.

From a page torn right out of the dos and don'ts of Boston political campaigning (unless, apparently, you happen to be running for a post in a labor union) City Council at-Large candidate Doug Bennett has been cited for allegedly applying his bumper stickers to streetlights and other public furnishings as he door-knocks his way across Dorchester. The Inspectional Services Department (ISD) issued a $300 violation to Bennett in October and civic leaders have labored to scrape up stickers in at least two neighborhoods.

"I had ISD come write him up," said Phil Carver, president of the Pope's Hill Neighborhood Association. "It's called guerilla marketing. He selects high voter areas, he robo-calls... He called me three times in one night. He knocked on the door - he's by himself because I checked - and then the next day I'm driving my daughter to school and there are stickers everywhere. I've taken it upon myself to scrape them off."

Tom Leahy, president of the St. Mark's Area Civic Association, said the stickers showed up in his area over a month ago.

"I think it's irresponsible that a political candidate for office would let someone deface our neighborhood," said Leahy. "I still see them around."

Carver said Bennett should take a hint from other successful candidates and get involved in the neighborhood rather than apply stickers to it.

"That's my lesson to this kid," he said. "This ain't Nantucket."

Bennett, who currently works for Suffolk County Clerk of Court for Criminal Business Maura Hennigan, did not return a call for comment.



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