Ballot Rundown Offers Little Challenge to Incumbents

Badnarik and who? What is the Green-Rainbow Party? And where's Ralph?

Should Dorchester voters be able to tear themselves away from the aftermath of the World Series - win or lose - to vote on November 2, next Tuesday, they'll find a ballot more crowded than has been reported. For instance, it's not just Bush-Cheney and Kerry-Edwards atop the ticket, and Ralph Nader's nowhere in sight. The two major parties are joined by tickets from the Libertarian (Michael Badnarik and Richard Campagna) and Green-Rainbow (David Cobb and Pat LaMarche) parties.

Only two Dorchester lawmakers are facing on-ballot challengers; state Sen. Jack Hart is being tested by Susan Long, a South Boston independent campaigning against same-sex marriage, which Hart opposed, and civil unions, which he supported. State Rep. Martin Walsh is facing John O'Gorman, who is criticizing Walsh's pro-gay marriage stance and running on an anti-tax platform. O'Gorman has said that, while he lives outside the district, he plans to move back in if elected.

Former teacher and Air Force veteran Donald Hussey, Republican of Hinghan, is taking a run at Governor's Councillor Christopher Iannella, partially on the grounds of the Boston Democrat's support for gay marriage. Unenrolled candidate Brian Connolly of Hanover is also on the ballot.

Brian Wallace, Marie St. Fleur, Shirley-Owens Hicks, Elizabeth Malia and Thomas M. Finneran are all unopposed in their House re-election bids. Finneran, who resigned as House Speaker last month, is expected to resign his seat in late December, prompting a special election in the spring, which has already excited several would-be successors.

Neither of the congressmen representing Dorchester, Democrats Michael Capuano and Stephen Lynch, has drawn an opponent.

Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral, who is holding a countdown-to-victory party Friday at the Boston Teachers Union hall (where Steve Murphy held his primary election night event), is unopposed.

Voters in two Lower Mills precincts, Ward 17-Precinct 13 and Ward 17-Precinct 14, will vote at the Lower Mills Library despite its ongoing renovation, according to the city's elections department.

-Jim O'Sullivan


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