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After volunteering at a Covid-19 vaccine clinic at a Boston Housing Authority site last Friday morning, the city’s new mayor rolled up her sleeves and got the shot herself. “I’m choosing to get it because vaccination is an important tool to protect... Read more
Touring the Hynes Convention Center where the Biden administration will begin delivering 42,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine a week starting Wednesday, Gov. Charlie Baker acknowledged rising infection rates across Massachusetts and warned against letting a "... Read more
“Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”  – Michael Corleone, “The Godfather, Part 3” It seems like every time we start to get ahead of Covid, Americans as a group decide to pull us back into the virus. Gov. Baker’s Nov. 6 order, requiring “all... Read more
In Massachusetts, immigration is both history and destiny.  Immigrants have been shaping the state’s economy, politics, and culture since the early 1600s when the Pilgrims and the Puritans set up the towns of Plymouth and Boston. The Covid-19 pandemic is... Read more
The specter of ongoing disruptions caused by yet another wave in Covid cases in Massachusetts threatens to ruin the upbeat mood lifted by vaccinations and spring weather this week. But there is some good news for Boston residents who have been impacted by... Read more
The Dorchester Boys & Girls Club staff members agree that there’s something special about Jamil Boykin, Kate McGrath, and Anthony Curioso, a trio of 17-year-old veterans of the program, and they’ve shown that appreciation by selecting Boykin as the... Read more
When 64-year-old Savin Hill resident Jeffery Seglin became eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine last Monday, he at first struggled to secure an appointment while working full time. After receiving a text from the Massachusetts preregistration system... Read more
Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center, the longtime community fixture based along Dorchester’s Blue Hill Avenue corridor, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year as it emerges from a trying period shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since being... Read more
Mayor Kim Janey has made a number of personnel moves since taking over as the city’s chief executive last Wednesday. On Monday, her office announced that Patrick Brophy, a Dorchester resident and veteran City Hall operative, will leave soon to take on a... Read more
Kim Janey was sworn into office as the acting mayor of Boston during an unprecedented ceremony last Wednesday inside City Hall, and she took note of the history she had just made in her inaugural address that followed. “Today is a new day,” Janey said... Read more
Massachusetts must increase entrepreneurship among people of color to help counteract a years-long decline in the number of new startups launching annually, and achieving that goal will require expanding support for minority-owned businesses, a new report... Read more
Mayor Kim Janey announced today that $50 million in rent relief— much of it made possible by an infusion of federal aide just released by the Biden administration— will be made available for eligible Boston residents starting immediately. “The reality is... Read more
Boston City Councillor and mayoral candidate Andrea Campbell released on Monday a “Restaurant Recovery Plan,” a detailed blueprint laying out a vision for how Boston can better support and revitalize its restaurant industry, which has been devastated by... Read more
More than half of the new COVID-19 cases logged in Boston in the past two weeks have been in people age 29 and younger, acting Mayor Kim Janey said Friday, urging people to keep washing their hands, wearing masks, maintaining distance, avoiding large... Read more
Carla Monteiro, a social worker and Dorchester native, announces her candidacy for at-large city council on Saturday afternoon at the Blarney Stone in Fields Corner. Monteiro, 38, described herself as a first-generation Cape Verdean, a single mom and a... Read more
Three Dorchester restaurants were temporarily shut down within the past three months by City of Boston officials for failing to comply with state health code regulations. Although such events are not that frequent, the reality is that many restaurants in... Read more
In this edited excerpt from his campaign trail ebook “This Way to City Hall,” published after the 2013 mayoral race, former Reporter news editor Gintautas Dumcius describes the campaign’s last days as the two finalists faced off in November after clearing... Read more
Marty Walsh served as Boston’s mayor for a little more than seven years, a time that unfolded mainly as a dashboard of growth and inclusion, with units of progress, stasis, or lost ground. But in a less granular future, he will be judged more as the mayor... Read more
The board of the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association (CSHCA) sent the following letter to elected and appointed officials on March 22. Excerpts of the letter follow: We have actively supported many proposed development projects, actively opposed many,... Read more
There were awkward unintentional pauses that are par for the course with technology-assisted communications. And during Joe Biden’s brief pre-recorded remarks at Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day breakfast by Zoom, the host, state Sen. Nick Collins, clipped the... Read more


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