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Boston Police Commissioner William Gross will retire on Friday and Mayor Walsh has appointed Dennis White— who is currently Gross' chief of staff to become his replacement. White, who is African-American and currently holds the rank of a Superintendent,... Read more
Boston archeologists have unearthed a trove of historical details about a sinkhole that opened up in early December near a pathway in Ronan Park. At the time, a cursory investigation (involving an iPhone and flashlights taped to a paint roller) revealed... Read more
First Parish Dorchester has a new permanent minister. The Reverend Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd, who has served at the parish atop Meetinghouse Hill since last August, is the 24th “settled” minister in the parish’s 391-year history. Carrier-Ladd, who grew up in... Read more
Immigration is very personal to me in the present and in my past. After four years of hateful talk about immigrants by the previous resident of the White House, President Biden is going to work on legislative reform, rather than attacking the people who... Read more
In her 31 years at Brookview House, a Dorchester-based organization dedicated to women and children experiencing homelessness, president and CEO Deborah Hughes has never seen a crisis wreak havoc on vulnerable populations as Covid-19 has done over the... Read more
To the Editor: The past year has been one of immense awakening for the city of Boston. The joint crises in public health and racial injustice have forced us to confront the vast inequalities that plague our city. Yet as the city makes progress on many... Read more
Last week, the Boston Globe announced with a front-page mention an editorial initiative it has dubbed “Fresh Start: Revisiting the past for a better future.” It is a program, the paper said, meant to address the lasting impact that “stories about past... Read more
Boston permitted 1,023 affordable housing units in 2020 —the largest total since 2017— and that bodes well for the city in the coming years, said Sheila Dillon, who leads the Department of Neighborhood Development (DND). She added that the onset of the... Read more
Dorchester native Larry DiCara, a former Boston City Councillor and one of the city’s most sought-after attorneys on municipal matters, is recovering from serious injuries after he was struck by a vehicle in a tragic accident earlier this month in Marion... Read more
Dorchester Tire Service, an auto repair stalwart that has operated out of its Dot Ave. location in Savin Hill for nearly 60 years, closed its doors for good last Friday, owner Gary Saks confirmed to the Reporter this week.  Saks, whose father Alan bought... Read more
Mayor Walsh’s appointment as US Secretary of Labor means that a Dorchester personality will be heading down to D.C. in the coming weeks, but the work of another Dot native has already re-staked its claim to a position in the White House. On Inauguration... Read more
Annissa Essaibi George
Annissa Essaibi George, a citywide councillor and former Boston schoolteacher with deep roots in Dorchester, will announce her candidacy for mayor of Boston today. The 47-year-old mother of four and small business owner will join what is now a three-woman... Read more
Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley today urged Gov. Charlie Baker to step up the Commonwealth’s vaccine rollout in her district, warning him that the state’s current efforts “continue to fall short.” “Despite the fact that we continue to see record spikes in... Read more
Councillor Andrea Campbell turned her mayoral campaign’s focus to the public health issue that addiction and homelessness pose to the city last Friday during a walking tour of the neighborhood around Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard — dubbed... Read more
Congratulations, Marty Walsh, on your new job as US Secretary of Labor! We’ll miss you here in Dorchester as a neighbor and as our mayor, but we are excited to know that a Boston union veteran will represent the interests of workers in Joe Biden’s cabinet... Read more
Should Boston hold a special election this summer to replace Mayor Walsh when he leaves City Hall to become Labor Secretary? The consensus answer, judging by the public debate surrounding a home rule petition against holding one proposed by City... Read more
There likely will be a number of new names on this year’s municipal ballot; there will also be a familiar one, says veteran campaigner Althea Garrison, now 80 years old. “Oh yeah, my name will definitely be on the ballot,” Garrison told the Reporter this... Read more
The city’s Covid-19 numbers are heading “in the right direction,” Mayor Walsh said on Tuesday as he announced that more Boston businesses – including fitness centers and movie theaters that have been closed since a post-holiday surge –can re-open with... Read more
First Parish Dorchester on Meetinghouse Hill will become an "invitation-only" vaccination site beginning on Mon., Feb. 1. The clinic, managed by Beth Israel Lahey Health, will operate inside the historic Dorchester church seven days a week, 12 hours a day... Read more
Walsh's departure date remains unclear Pressure is mounting on the Boston City Council to set aside a special election that would be triggered by the city charter if Mayor Walsh vacates his seat before March 5, a scenario that appears likely as Biden... Read more


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