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Carney Hospital received its first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine today and began distributing them to staff members, who will receive the vaccine in a phased approach according to criteria outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)... Read more
The ceremony to swear in Judge Serge Georges to the Supreme Judicial court, like most other events during the pandemic, was scaled back from the usual fanfare that accompanies such affairs. But Georges, who wore a maroon Boston College Eagles facemask... Read more
An early winter storm with the potential for more than a foot accumulation over the next day has prompted Mayor Walsh to declare that a snow emergency will begin in Boston today at 6 p.m., triggering parking restrictions on key roads and a one-day delay... Read more
Four year olds are great. They love Christmas and other holidays of the season. The relentless joy they experience seeing houses lit up and decorated trees twinkling through windows as they wait for Santa can light up others with joy, even in such... Read more
On Monday, all eleven Massachusetts members of the Electoral College cast their votes for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris during an hour-long ceremony in the House chamber that lacked the pomp and circumstance of previous... Read more
The news radiated across the neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon and, for so many of us, it was a gut punch: Bruce Seals, the Louisiana native who had made the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester his professional home since 1990 and from there helped raise... Read more
Have yourself a merry little Christmas, emphasis on little. That was the message Tuesday from Gov. Charlie Baker as he urged people to take COVID-19 safety precautions more seriously during the December holiday season than they seem to have for... Read more
The Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday re-affirmed Keron Pierre's first-degree murder sentence for killing two women and a man outside a Mt. Ida Road house party in 2009 because the women wouldn't give him and his buddies their phone numbers. The ruling... Read more
Renewed restrictions on gatherings and businesses kicked into effect in Boston this week as a post-Thanksgiving spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continued to tax the state’s health case system, even as new hope arrived on Monday in the form... Read more
I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, and hope that the remainder of this year brings you the opportunity to reflect on this year and take time to prioritize your health and wellness. We know that this is a very different holiday season.... Read more
GBH 2 will broadcast the premiere of Frederick Wiseman’s “City Hall,” a four and a half- hour documentary that aims to illustrate how municipal government touches residents’ lives, on Tues., Dec. 22 at 8 p.m. The documentary follows Mayor Martin Walsh and... Read more
Gov. Charlie Baker has returned to the Legislature landmark legislation that would impose new accountability standards on police, proposing a handful of amendments Thursday that he hopes Democrats will compromise with him over, but making clear he's not... Read more
Mayor Walsh advised Bostonians to avoid travel and indoor gatherings this holiday season amid a rise in Covid cases and an increased demand for hospital beds. “Our cases are certainly very concerning for the last couple of weeks,” the mayor said in a... Read more
After conducting an archeological exploration over the past few days, Boston city officials have concluded the sinkhole that opened up in Ronan Park last weekend is most likely a historic well dating back to the 19th century. City archeologist Joe Bagley... Read more
Facing a Friday deadline to act on a policing reform bill, Gov. Charlie Baker is hearing from its opponents and supporters, says it includes measures he's excited about, and is using the review period afforded to him in an effort to scrutinize the lengthy... Read more
For a few days each week, Josh Knight goes to class on the subway. He has to: He’s on his way to work at the Charlestown YMCA. But he’s also a first-year student in the honors program at Framingham State University, which means that even as he boards an... Read more
The Mission: Try again to change the preferences on my years-old loan account with Wells Fargo Bank to stipulate online activity only, thereby eliminating paper-by-mail delivery of invoices and other messages. The Winners-To-Be: The environment (less use... Read more
President-elect Joe Biden has chosen the head of the infectious diseases division at Massachusetts General Hospital to serve as the next director of the Centers for Disease Control, which will put Rochelle Walensky at the epicenter of the US coronavirus... Read more
To the Editor: As a senior living professional, I have been getting a lot of questions lately about whether it is safe to move an elderly relative into supportive communal living in the middle of a pandemic. My answer is unequivocal: Yes! An assisted... Read more
To the Editor: In the wake of this pandemic, it is essential to continue to conversation about what the future of public schooling in Boston will look like. As a graduate of Boston Latin School, and a lifelong resident of Dorchester, I believe the exam... Read more


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