A Sunday afternoon message on the official Boston Police Department Twitter page sparked a quick-moving controversy and subsequent apologies from city brass this week. The episode should also prompt the public to ask a fundamental question about the... Read more

Mayor Walsh and his team opened a new front in the city’s campaign to build more housing for the rapidly growing population of Boston— and it’s one that could directly impact Dorchester in the coming years.

The administration announced last... Read more

A bill sponsored by Dorchester state Rep. Evandro Carvalho that would amend state law to prevent the self-inflicted death of a prisoner from vacating that person’s conviction was the subject of an emotional hearing on Beacon Hill this week.

... Read more

The city of Boston is preparing to open a new front in the widening offensive against the scourge of opioid addiction and overdoses. Mayor Martin Walsh said this week that he will invite attorneys and public health experts to respond to a Request for... Read more

The spiral of the current White House administration into the deepest depths of awfulness continued apace last week. The latest abomination, as bravely related by US Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois: the president’s expletive-laced rejection of people from... Read more

A campaign to create a permanent, public monument in Boston to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. appears to be gaining momentum. A committee led by business leader Paul English and Rev. Liz Walker and backed by the Walsh administration intends to raise... Read more

This week marks the end of an era at the Reporter. Clark Booth, whose must-read weekly sports column has been a fixture in this paper since the mid-1980s, filed his final scheduled dispatch... Read more

Last Friday, amid the last-minute bustle before the holiday weekend, Boston Public School parents and educators received the one gift they really wanted this Christmas: a reprieve from an ill-conceived, though well-intentioned, plan to re-set school... Read more

Cardinal Bernard Law, the former archbishop of Boston who left our city in disgrace amid the clergy child abuse scandal that was exposed by brave victims, attorneys, and reporters at the Boston Phoenix and the Boston Globe,... Read more

Last week, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley announced a promising new diversion program that will soon steer people arrested for simple drug possession into recovery services instead of criminal court. The program, dubbed Road to... Read more

The Strand Theatre on Columbia Road is one of Dorchester’s most promising public assets. Last week, the city’s Boston Planning and Development Agency convened a public meeting to discuss the future of the 100-year-old facility as part of a broader... Read more

It certainly says something about how much our nation has cratered over the last election cycle that we are flipping back to 1968 in search of parallels, direction, perhaps even some contorted sense of comfort. We are in a different place as a people,... Read more

Cruel. Heartless. Wrong. Counter-productive.

Choose your favorite adjective to describe the Trump administration’s plans to eliminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians impacted by the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake and... Read more

An independent audit commissioned by the University of Massachusetts and made public last week paints a damning portrait of the UMass Boston administrative team that was, until last fall, led by Dr. J. Keith Motley.

In a report of its findings... Read more

One thing is clear from the results of Tuesday’s city election: Marty Walsh now has a real mandate to govern. The 50-year-old incumbent from Dorchester won an impressive victory that painlessly spanned some of the racial, ethnic, and ideological... Read more