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Baseball cherishes its records, especially the few with remarkable staying power. On Sept. 28, 1941, 75 years ago yesterday, Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox wrapped up his and his team’s season with a six-hits-in-eight-at-bats performance in a... Read more

Equity, coherence, and innovation. These are the goals that Superintendent Tommy Chang and I emphasize as we work to improve Boston’s public schools. We recognize this is not a simple goal. And we understand that there is still work to be done to build... Read more

May this letter be received by the People of Boston as a call to action to claim ownership of the development process in their neighborhoods with the formation of independent resident boards,elected by the people of the neighborhood, that closely... Read more

Why is it election choices are often so unattractive that voters feel they have to choose between the lesser of two or more flawed candidates? I propose a constitutional amendment that would permit the electorate to express its dissatisfaction with the... Read more

As we start the 2016-2017 school year, we want to increase awareness of the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) for admittance to the city’s three examination schools, Boston Latin Academy, Boston Latin School, and the John D. O’Bryant... Read more

To the Editor:
What would serve to empty all the pubs of Southie and Dorchester on a Sunday afternoon? Only a New England Revolution soccer game at a UMass Boston adjacent waterfront stadium in Dorchester.

Pride and... Read more

While we may want to think that winter is a long way away, the reality is that the season is just around the corner. In order to keep our infrastructure winter-ready, our Department of Public Works has spent the summer preparing our City for snowier... Read more

September 5th marks 122 years since Labor Day became a federal holiday.

Since then, we have gone to the polls 30 times to vote for president, always keeping in mind a candidate’s dedication to protecting workers.

Today, as we prepare to... Read more

I was excited to join the Mayor’s Mural Crew last week as they celebrated their 25th anniversary of beautifying our city. I picked up a paintbrush, and colored in a mural of ballet dancers on the wall of the performing arts center on Blue Hill Avenue.... Read more

The overriding consideration in this year’s presidential election is the character of the candidates. The integrity, capacity, and judgment of the next president will determine the nation’s direction. With erratic and unreliable leadership, the center... Read more

As a mediator, I am often surprised when people raise objections “as a matter of principle” on issues far removed from things I would consider of such overwhelming importance to invoke that noble standard. Defined as “a moral rule or belief that helps... Read more

People eagerly await the days until they can enjoy the beautiful summer weather and now the season is in full swing with a month to go before Labor Day. However, before hitting the trails, the water, the court, or the beach this month, remember to... Read more

To the Editor:

As long term active residents of the Greater Bowdoin/Geneva section of Dorchester, we were none the less largely shut out of the BRA led “dialogue” about the enormous Dot Block project even though our area will be... Read more

When I was a young woman, my mother told me I would be attending a charter school when I entered sixth grade. Like any kid, I just wanted to do what my friends were doing, but my mother had other plans for me, and I’m so grateful she did. Now, years... Read more