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To the Editor:

Thank you to the Dorchester Reporter for publishing Bob Haas’s extraordinary story about his life on Monadnock Street.  As someone who came to Dorchester (also from New Jersey) in the same early 1970s time... Read more

By Wendy Foster
Special to the Reporter

Education is the most effective tool to provide students with upward mobility, yet according to data from Boston Public Schools and The Boston Foundation, a ninth grader in the system today has less... Read more

To the Editor:

Few people in the 13th Suffolk District knew that Question 5 would be on their midterm ballots before the election on Nov. 6. Question 5 was added to the District 13 ballot after the local group Dorchester... Read more

By Ross Kochman
Special to the Reporter

 We have a strong special education law in Massachusetts, and a strong ethos of inclusion. As teachers, we believe strongly that all children must have an equal opportunity to learn, no matter their... Read more

A view of the new dorms from the campus’ Mt. Vernon Street entrance. Jennifer Smith photo

By Eliza Wilson

To... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems we are facing today. The earth is heating up even faster than scientists have predicted, income and wealth inequality is worsening, and democratic norms seem to be... Read more

By Dick Flavin
Special to the Reporter

Now that the dust has settled, the duck boats have been parked, and the trophy has been repaired after being wounded by the in-coming barrage of beer cans during the parade, what... Read more

To the Editor:

 As leaders of community health centers already challenged by a statewide nursing shortage, we are joining the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers in opposing Question 1. The proposed mandated nurse staffing levels at... Read more

By Mayor Martin J. Walsh

This year is shaping up to be one of the strongest years in Boston’s history. We’ve continued to add 20,000 new jobs each year, and we’ve brought unemployment down below 4 percent. And perhaps most importantly, we’ve... Read more

By Emmanuella Wagnac

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. For the Mattapan Community Health Center community, it is important that we understand what bullying is and the types of preventative solutions that can be used against bullies... Read more

By G. R. Peterson
Special to the Reporter

On Oct. 15, UMass Boston’s interim chancellor, Katherine Newman, held a Town Hall Forum at Lipke Auditorium on the Dorchester campus. Despite the meeting’s setting in one of the campus’s drafty... Read more

To the Editor:

Several weeks ago, I met Jay Gonzalez, the Democratic candidate for governor in next month’s election, at a fundraising breakfast and I was struck by how impressive, experienced, and empathetic he was, and... Read more

Dear “Magnificent Eleven,”

Having lived now almost 80 years, I thought it would be a good time to impart what wisdom I have accumulated in a long, happy, and productive life, the happiness being in no small part attributable to you. To tell the... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp
Special to the Reporter

I hope you don’t mind if I turn a bit meta-cognitive. This is a column about the process of writing a column, in particular the one I wrote two weeks ago about Question 1. After much... Read more

By Mike Prokosch
Special to the Reporter

Do you feel safe bringing gas into your home to fuel your furnace or your stove?

Five homes exploded in Lawrence in September and another 125 caught fire when a gas contractor re-connected... Read more