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Hurricanes are sometime things for Boston and its neighborhoods and that surely is a good thing. But when “sometime” happens, the stormy wrath is a sight to behold.

Calamity Irene, our most recent visitor, mostly spared our region from the... Read more

To the Editor:
I want to applaud the recent articles and editorials in the Dorchester Reporter related to the completion of the Neponset River Trail, and especially your support for the Dorchester Coast Trail, which would link the Harborwalk to... Read more

The recent budget debate and the news that the rich were paying the lowest taxes in a couple of generations made me recall the phrase “malefactors of great wealth.” I was sure that the words were coined by Franklin D. Roosevelt against the Big... Read more

The country has slipped down the rabbit hole and the mad hatters are in charge. As if to confirm the fear of many Americans that the country is in decline, our leaders seem incapable of governing.

Has democracy run its course? Are we at a point... Read more

In this topsy-turvy world where up is down, wrong is right, and compromise is evil, is it any wonder that we question those institutions, secular and spiritual, that we for so long have depended upon?

Our government is a mess and the Catholic... Read more

Every year across Massachusetts, more than 30,000 tons of non-carbonated beverage bottles are buried in landfills, burned in waste-to-energy plants, or tossed onto our streets, parks and beaches. That’s enough plastic bottles to fill Fenway Park – from... Read more

For the past year I have been involved with a youth violence prevention initiative that has two primary goals: 1) to reduce risk and deviance among an at-risk population; and 2) to empower youth by increasing social relationships with supportive adults... Read more

A lot of Americans are fascinated with the lives of mobsters. We disapprove of  “regular” criminals, who commit one crime, but somehow we look at mobsters differently. We don’t like them, either, but we are intrigued about how they’ve made a life out... Read more

To the editor:

For a non-mayoral election year, 2011 is of huge importance to Boston’s largest neighborhood.  Voters will choose a new District 3 City Councilor to fill the seat held by Maureen Feeney, who served Dorchester with energy and... Read more

My older brother, first in a line of the five children of Tom and Julia (Harrington) Mulvoy, turns 70 next month, the patriarch of an American Irish clan whose gritty founders lived in smoky huts far from any mansion’s candles, working the stubborn... Read more

The Casey Anthony trial is just the latest example of jurors getting it wrong. “Common sense” may be overrated. Complex issues often require the application of “uncommon sense.”

In what other important human endeavor would we take twelve... Read more

Your June 30 editorial (“Park crackdown should enforce all the rules”) is exactly right. Enforcing rules about youths loitering, public drinking, and illegal motor bikes across the board in our parks and streets is required. Always.

I saw kids... Read more

On June 26, I received the Ray Donahoe Award for many years of distinguished devotion to the children of Cedar Grove Baseball. I am truly grateful for being chosen for an award that remembers such a wonderful person.

It was twenty-plus years... Read more

Military leaders determine how and where to fight wars not if and when to fight them. The reason is obvious: Warfare is the culmination of a military career.

It is only common sense to acknowledge that someone who has spent his entire career... Read more