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To the Editor:

As an organizer with City Life/Vida Urbana, I have been proud to support tenants at 6 Humphreys Place in their fight against no-fault evictions. A building clear-out has been the goal of the current investor... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp
Reporter Columnist

Years ago, I was walking through Central Park with my father when he pointed to a rather uninspired playground consisting of metal swings, a see-saw, and monkey bars floating in a sea of concrete. “... Read more

By James R. Lister
Special to the Reporter

The history of organized labor is often framed by the battles of the past: the Pullman strike, the coal miners, the fight for the 40-hour work week. It is certainly true that many of the benefits... Read more

By Mike Shaw
Special to the Reporter

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” I am continually amazed at how true the old saying is. 

Entering my 12th year of living abroad, I’ve moved even farther away from my home. After 11 years... Read more

By Lew Finfer
Special to the Reporter

Last Thursday, the Legislature announced agreement on the Student Opportunity Act ‚ which will increase funding for students in cities by something like $4,000 per pupil over the next seven years. It... Read more

The following was submitted by Lou Antonellis, Harry Brett, Bob Butler, Peter Gibbons, and Brian Kelly.

Workers in Massachusetts are fortunate to have a number of excellent protections enshrined in state law. A great example of one... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp
Reporter Columnist

By now you’ve probably heard about Doyle’s. News that the historic pub in Jamaica Plain will be closing at the end of October was met with deep sadness and dismay across the city.... Read more

By Lou Antonellis, Harry Brett, Bob Butler, Peter Gibbons and Brian Kelly

Workers in Massachusetts are fortunate to have a number of excellent protections enshrined in state law. A great example of one of these protections is the prevailing wage... Read more

By James w. Dolan
Reporter Columnist

Few in the nation are admired as much as James Mattis, former Marine Corps general and US defense secretary. In many respects, he represents the best of us: dedicated, principled, loyal, and smart. He,... Read more

By Jeff Klein

The University of Massachusetts system is raising tuition yet again.  Incoming freshmen and returning students will now be facing costs of up to $30,000 per year – for many adding to already crippling college debt burden.

It... Read more

By James T. Brett

Good dental health is a critical component of a person’s overall health, yet it remains elusive for many people. Individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities find it particularly challenging to find a dentist who is... Read more

By Pastor Rick Grant

As a young person, I often heard the colloquialism, “It takes a village to raise a child.” That statement rightfully implies the plethora of love, nurture, and stability our young-people need from engaged, present adults.... Read more

By Mary Nee

I was walking through our Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center the other day and came across Max, a vibrant and lively cockatoo who had been surrendered by his ailing owner. Did I mention that the bird is 38 years old?

It... Read more

Gerard M. (Gerry) O’Neill was a newspaperman, pure and simple. During his 35 years as a reporter and editor at The Boston Globe, his work was displayed on paper for people to read wherever they happened to be. He was an old-school newsroom type who... Read more

By Robert J. Manning
Special to the Reporter

After a period of extensive outreach and careful preparation, the University of Massachusetts has launched its search for a permanent chancellor for UMass Boston with the creation of a committee... Read more


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