Community Comment

By James Brett
Special to the Reporter

A proposal to achieve enhanced protection for some of our most vulnerable citizens – people with disabilities – could become reality if lawmakers advance the measure during its informal sessions.... Read more

Following are excerpts from Mayor Martin Walsh’s remarks at the Greater Boston Labor Council gathering on Monday:

Happy Labor Day everyone! I am proud to be mayor of the city with the strongest labor community in the country! This... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

There is no question: My church is a mess and perhaps on the verge of a schism. Changes in oversight are not enough. There must be structural and doctrinal changes to reform an institution that is... Read more

By State Sen. Nick Collins

As I wrap up my first legislative session as your state senator, I am proud of what we have accomplished, and excited about the work ahead. I want to take a moment to share with you some of the details on what we have... Read more

Following is the sermon delivered by the pastor of St. Gregory’s Parish, Rev. Jack Ahern, to his congregation at Masses last Saturday and Sunday:

“Seamus Heaney was one of the great Irish poets of our time. The Nobel laureate’s... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

In our high anxiety culture, it’s easy to go overboard, get your undies in a bundle, or freak out over what we contend with every day. “Wuzzamatter” is a question on everyone’s mind. No one seems... Read more

By Sara Slane
Special to the Reporter

It’s an exciting time to be a gaming enthusiast in Massachusetts. Plainridge Park continues to thrive, MGM Springfield is set to open in just a few weeks, Encore Boston Harbor’s construction is... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

Fear of diversity is a major concern of many of President Trump’s supporters. I witnessed recently how worry over the inevitable evolving of the country’s majority/minority population is misplaced... Read more

By Sean Wheeler, Jarred Johnson, and Jenn Cartee

Can Dorchester grow without sacrificing its identity?

A few weeks ago, we posed that question at a... Read more

To the Editor:

Your April 19,  2017, story – “Taking aim again at trash, debris along Neponset” – reminded readers that our waterways are under threat from harmful plastic pollution. One of the worst forms of these products is Styrofoam, and... Read more

By Rachel Heller and Marc Draisen

Zoning affects almost everything that happens in your community. It decides what gets built, where, and how fast. It determines if we create more jobs, who has a place to live and who doesn’t, and whether we... Read more

p 11 w Finer Baker_grand_bargain SHNS REP 29-18.pngGov. Charlie Baker sat down to sign the "grand... Read more

By US Rep. Michael E. Capuano

By now, nearly every American has seen the terrible images of children being torn from their families and heard the sound of children begging immigration officers to call their relatives. Those images and sounds are... Read more

By Evandro Carvalho and Dan Cullinane

Massachusetts took a historic step forward when Governor Baker recently signed into law long overdue criminal justice reform legislation that at its core seeks to break the cycle of poverty, marginalization... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

Isn’t it remarkable how the entire world came together to support and pray for the twelve boys and their leader trapped in a cave in Thailand? The outpouring of sympathy and hope is all the more... Read more