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Truth really took a beating this election cycle. Ignored, abused, stripped, and distorted, it seemed at times that its survival was in doubt. Nothing was true or false, only versions of what once was considered objective reality. Truth’s anchor line... Read more

“The best way to prevent a Christmas tree fire is to water it well every day, place it well away from heat sources, and dispose of it soon after the holiday,” said State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey. “Although Christmas tree fires are rare these... Read more

It was quicker than anticipated. After lamenting the loss of my wife and pondering the chances of meeting someone else, it happened. A friend told me about a widow I might like to meet. Why not? I figured; it’s better than sitting at home feeling sorry... Read more

It was 75 years ago this morning that the front page of The Boston Daily Globe told readers of the wholesale devastation that Japanese aviators had inflicted the day before on United States forces across the Pacific Ocean areas, in particular the... Read more

On Nov. 1, Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang announced his plan to close the Mattahunt, which the Boston School Committee has since voted to accept. The community has remained resolute in its opposition to the recommendation and plan. In... Read more

(Editor’s Note: Due to popular demand, we are pleased to reprint Mary Casey Forry’s classic column about her schedule of activities around the house for Thanksgiving Day. This article first appeared in the Dorchester Reporter in November 1986.)... Read more

To the Editor:

The Trump vote wasn’t as much a vote for Trump as it was a vote against the establishment. That’s how much fed up the majority of the American electorate is with a corrupt ruling class which does nothing for the country and... Read more

To the Editor:

It has almost been a week since Donald Trump has been announced as the next president of the United States of America. Even before this time, we had already seen an increase in levels of bigotry, assault,... Read more

Donna Finn was a “fiery and feisty” fighter. With her long red hair and her energy for social justice causes, she was a memorable person. She had lived for many, many decades on Maryland Street in Savin Hill before her death last June after a long... Read more

To the Editor:

I write in regard to the Oct. 28 article titled “Mismanaged Dorchester, Mattapan properties secured as affordable housing through non-profit purchase.”

As a member of the Dorchester Community, a homeowner... Read more

Behind every strong school is strong leadership. I know Boston Public Schools are strong. We are a community, and together we are working hard to continue guiding our schools and our children toward academic success. With the help and coordination of... Read more

Most married couples when out to dinner run out of things to say. After many years of marriage there isn’t much new, the topics of discussion are few and there can be long periods of awkward silence. Since losing my wife, I have discovered the pleasure... Read more

Opponents of Question 4 paint it as a measure that will bring marijuana to Massachusetts, make it available to minors, and create a large marijuana industry in the state. In fact, we have marijuana, it’s readily available to minors, and there’s already... Read more