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To the Editor: Roy Lincoln Karp, in his Feb. 22 commentary, is absolutely right to assert that even if Douglas High students succeed in moving Congress to legislate gun restriction, “we would still need to address a culture of violence in a nation that... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp
Special to the Reporter

Our closest friends and family have gathered for an after party in the Honey Fitz room at Doyle’s. I am still in my rented tuxedo and Courtney is wearing her wedding dress, sneakers, and a Red... Read more

By James W. Dolan
Special to the Reporter

In rare moments of reflection he hears footsteps; they are steady, measured, and unrelenting, and they send a chill through his body because he knows that the many business deals he has made are... Read more

By Michael P. Norton, State House News Service

The Trump administration’s decision to end temporary protected status for immigrants from El Salvador and Haiti is “impermissibly infected by racial discrimination” and should be struck down,... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp, Special to the Reporter

The words move across your phone, laptop, or TV screen: “School shooting.” You read the horrific details about the latest gun-fueled massacre. You feel sadness for the young victims... Read more

By James W. Dolan, Special to the Reporter

For a person who was not always so fond of Florida, I seem to be spending a lot more time there of late. I expect it has something to do with my lady friend, who just happens to own a... Read more

From: The offices of the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance.
To: Prospective Developers of the Bayside site

We understand that you are interested in 20 acres of prime waterfront property in Dorchester.

Well, we are, too!... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp, Special to the Reporter

Marie Jean Baptiste was on her way home from work when the earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010.

As the ground beneath her feet undulated, she could barely move. It was... Read more

Community health centers are in federal funding crisis; care in Mass. facing $200m shortfall

To the Editor:

Public health is more vulnerable than ever today because community health centers like those serving Dorchester,... Read more

By Matt Glynn, Special to the Reporter

To residents of Dorchester: Congratulations on being among the greenest and most environmentally conscious residents in the state.

Unfortunately, members of our House of... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp
Special to the Reporter

When I was a boy, I had a secret hiding place in a musty closet in my bedroom, a room that doubled as my father’s office. I would scamper up a set of angled shoe shelves... Read more

By Al Vega

The Massachusetts Legislature needs to finally pass a wage theft bill (H.1033 / S.999) to protect Massachusetts workers and their ability to support their families.  Since 2009 I have worked with the Massachusetts... Read more

By Davida Andelman, Clarkson Street

To the Editor: As 2017 draws to a close, I ask what has changed for the better in our community?  It’s hard sometimes to come up with something positive to say.  Many accuse... Read more

By Lewis Finfer, Special to the Reporter

Joe Timilty, raised in Dorchester, was almost elected Mayor of Boston in 1975 and served as a city councillor and state senator. He died at home from cancer on Dec. 22 at age 79.

... Read more

By Michelle Wu and Ayanna Pressley

The power of the consumer is on full display during the holiday season. But ads targeting holiday shoppers hardly ever focus on price alone, because gift-givers and deal-finders alike are... Read more