‘Oasis’ named Unity Park opens today on Blue Hill Avenue

Unity Park on Blue Hill Avenue will open to the public on May 23. The new space is a partnership between Lena Park Community Development Corporation and the city’s Community Preservation Act fund. Seth Daniel photo

There probably hasn’t been a park opened along on Blue Hill Avenue for probably more than 100 years, but that will change on Monday, May 23 when Unity Park opens to the public.

Located in the 700 block between a tire shop, large residential buildings, and a frequently parked mobile fruit dealer, the Park is being described as an “oasis” amid a very busy and challenging stretch of the Avenue corridor.

The new Park comprises some 5,000 square feet. The space formerly was a vacant lot, but it has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind terraced park with a unique play area, a sprinkler pad, a small gardening area, trees, a performance space, and quiet areas to relax.

A bonus to all that is the dramatic and strategic lighting that brightens up nighttime at the park in what could be described as artistic fashion.
Unity Park is a partnership between Lena Park Community Development Corporation, which owns the lot and abutting residential buildings, and the City of Boston’s Community Preservation Act fund (CPA).

“That is going to be an oasis for families living or walking along Blue Hill Avenue in what is a very tough corner,” said state Rep. Russell Holmes, who has assisted with the development.

Olinka Bricera, chair of the Lena Park Board of Directors, said she is very excited about families in their buildings being able to let their kids play in the park while watching them from their apartments.

“This is literally going to be their backyard,” she said. “It will also have a sprinkler for kids to play in and I think that’s the only sprinkler available in the entire area. It’s even set up to have a performing stage for events and music. People in our buildings will be able to see their kids playing there. You don’t often find that. It’s very exciting for us.”

The design of Unity Park has been heavily influenced by the Lena Park Youth Council, along with the Boston Society of Architects and Boston Society of Landscape Architects. The ribbon will be cut at the park at 3 p.m. on Monday.

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