Lucas’s Affordable Slushy is giving 6-year-old proprietor lessons in life

Lucas Lamar Darby at his Greenwood Street stand with neighbor Tiara Montiro – another happy slushy customer on a very hot day. Seth Daniel photo

Lucas Lamar Darby entered the business world at age six this summer, opening the very popular Lucas’s Affordable Slushy stand at various locations around Dorchester. He started out on July 16 on Aspinwall Street near Codman Square, then on Sat., Aug. 6, he set up on Greenwood Street to sell his slushes.

The stand has grown quickly via assists from his father, Lance Darby, and his mother, Tracey Harriette, and his brother, Chais Harriette. Lucas loves staffing the stand, and recommends a combination of peach, pina colada, and cherry to his best customers.

“I just like slush a lot and decided I wanted to make a slushy place,” he said. “Being in business is fun and we sell lots of slushes but if some kids don’t have the money, we give them the free slush sometimes.”

That said, Lucas has learned about saving money and the value of a dollar, his parents said. At the same time, he has some goals for his money.
“The things I would want to buy with it are a mansion, a Lamborghini and a Tesla,” he said on Saturday in between customers. “I think I’ll keep doing this forever, but I’ll probably stop when I’m 17.”

He noted that he has “been thinking about what I can do when it gets cold, and I can’t sell any more slushes? Someone said to do hot cocoa, so I’ll probably do that.”

Lucas plans to be out and about in the neighborhood each weekend through August, according to his parents.

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