State panel drops Rollins ethics case

The state Ethics Commission is no longer investigating a parking lot incident involving Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins. Her attorney, Ronald Sullivan, said the panel is no longer looking into the complaint filed last year by a Boston woman who alleged that Rollins threatened her and inappropriately flashed her car’s blue law enforcement lights as they both were trying to exit the South Bay Shopping Center on Dec. 24.

The complaint was first filed with the state attorney general, who referred it to the ethics commission.

“This few-second traffic encounter has been thoroughly reviewed and not a single criminal, civil rights, or ethical violation occurred,” Sullivan said in an emailed statement. “The District Attorney is not surprised by these outcomes, and sincerely hopes we can all return to the far more pressing matters facing the Commonwealth.”

The commission declined to comment, saying it can neither confirm nor deny whether it reviewed any complaint. Rollins is reportedly one of the finalists being considered to take over as Massachusetts US Attorney. Andrew Lelling left the office at the end of February.