Home Rule petitions aimed at improving voter access

District 5 Boston City Councillor Ricardo Arroyo filed two Home Rule petitions this week aimed at reducing obstacles to voting in Boston elections. The petitions, which will need support from his council colleagues, acting Mayor Janey, state lawmakers, and the governor, would allow for same-day voter registration and permanently install mail-in voting for city elections.

“Nationally, voting rights and ballot access are under attack,” Arroyo said on Monday. “Boston has an opportunity to lead with proven policies and practices that serve to further the health of the public and our democracy.  That is why we must advocate for and implement these election reforms.”

The petitions, which have the support of the Boston chapter of the  NAACP, will likely be referred to the council’s Government Operations Committee.

“The time to act is now.  There is much work that can be done right here in Massachusetts to ensure that we have fair, safe and accessible elections,”  said Tanisha M. Sullivan, President NAACP Boston Branch. “While the rest of the nation debates this issue, we can get it done.”

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