Latest count: Mejia by five votes; city election panel tally pending

Julia Mejia remains in fourth place— and in position to take a citywide seat on the Boston City Council— after unofficial city election returns completed last Friday evening showed her with a five-vote lead over fifth place finisher Alejandra St. Guillen.

However, both Mejia and St. Guillen have petitioned the city to compile a recount of all votes, a process that has not yet begun.

The Board of Election Commissioners held a public meeting on Friday, Nov. 15 to tally the overseas, absentee, military, and provisional ballots, and any other uncounted ballots still to be counted. The result showed a difference of five votes— Mejia at 22,477 and St. Guillen with 22,472. 

“The city was not able to count any overseas ballots that came in after election day until after the deadline of 5 p.m. on Friday for those ballots to arrive. After counting any remaining ballots at that meeting, they now have a final initial tally,” said Debra O’Malley, communications officer for the Secretary of State.

“They will still need to certify recount petitions and schedule the actual recount. After that recount happens, the Boston Elections Commission will be able to certify official results.”

Both Mejia and St. Guillen will receive notice with the details of the recount, as well as the number of observers they will be entitled to.