Three indicted for roving gun battle that left two dead at Uphams Corner restaurant

Emmanuel Pina and Sandro Tavares were indicted today for the murder of an innocent chef and a man with whom they allegedly fought at the Ka-Carlos restaurant in Uphams Corner, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. A third man, Timothy Santos, was indicted on charges of armed assault with intent to murder - he allegedly shot at somebody during the incident, but missed, the DA's office says.

Manuel Monteiro, 47, who tried to keep peace at the restaurant in the early hours of Aug. 2, died when Pina, 26, fired into the restaurant as he chased Jovany Eason, 20, outside, prosecutors allege. Pina kept firing at his intended target, eventually bringing Eason down on nearby Bird Street, where he collapsed, mortally wounded, according to prosecutors.

The DA's office says the three men arrived at Ka-Carlos around closing time and that Tavares got into an argument wth Eason and his friends. Tavares left, but the fight continued, culminating in a fistfight in the men's room, the DA's office says. Once outside, Pina, Tavares and a third, unidentified man, allegedly confronted Eason as he was getting into his car. According to the DA's account:

"Tavares allegedly produced a semiautomatic handgun and attempted to rack the slide, but could not do so; Pina then allegedly approached Tavares and took the gun. Armed with Tavares' gun, Pina allegedly chased Eason back towards Ka-Carlos, where Monteiro was positioned near the front door. Pina allegedly fired once, sending a bullet through the window and into Monteiro’s chest, mortally wounding him. Pina allegedly pursued Eason while continuing to fire, and Eason fell to the ground on nearby Bird Street suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He, too, was mortally wounded."

Pina and Santos allegedly traded shots near the intersection of Jerome Street and Cushing Avenue, with Pina striking Santos in the leg. Prosecutors say that was enough for Santos, whom they say handed his gun over to a pal and fled to Boston Medical Center for treatment.